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By Eugene Johnson

Slaves with toys
Fear is your master
Nut less poets, pedophilic pastors
Bringing in the “sheeple”
Heads buried in sand
New-borne colored people
The white supremacy master plan
Who dat say who dat?
Steppin Flechit Powell?
Condaleeza McQueen?
High tech lynching Jestus Thomas?
House Negroes sicking dogs upon us
Legal beagles, political science grads
Psychology majors, sambos’ in white collars
Brain-dead snitches on the pad
Fighting and dieing for massa
Dreaming of Jesus and Allah and other ghost
Stripped of your melanin
Programmed to please us

 “white folks”(Your gods)

Herded into his made up religions
Buck-dancing on his t. v. stations
Reading his scripts like a two headed Dalmatian
Scared of yo shadow, loosing yo job you gonna yah soul

Have you ever looked into his systems?
Mind control through ancient wisdom
Taken by conquest of Brown skinned people
Use they own wisdom against them
They Willie lynch Us

Lynch US in they schools and universities
Lynch Us in they supermarkets
Lynch Us in they court systems
Lynchin Us in they places of employment
Lynchin Us politically, economically

Lynchin Us in our “afrocentricism”
In they prison industries
In their international credit scams
Lynchin Us in Our secret places
Lynchin Our babies, elderly, youth, Preachers, uncle toms, political Leaders
Lynchin us musically, spiritually, mentally, ejumacationally
Lynchin niggers forever

Niggers be lynching kneegroes
And colored people and sand niggers(foolish arabs) too
Lynchin us with aids, hepatitis, cancer, nutrasweet an pokechops
Sellin us drugs, cigarettes, Coors and bud
Condoms and birth control
Mind control, remote control, tighter, tighter, and tighter
Promote the one that’s lighter
Sharpen your sambo tools
Call um “ja rule, ludicrous, r.kelly dr.yark an nelly
Cross wearing, no caring, white folk fearing Negroes
We didn’t come over here Christians…. Fool!
Them ships was stacking Nubians, Africans, Nigerians too
To work this land for the “man”
(White that is)

 Black gold you was
Beat down worldwide, “who yo daddy, who yo daddy?”
Who owns everything you need to git by
And you all buy ery whichaway but Black
Integrated Negroes, strange fruit
"Hanging" out on any street
You and me
Cool-aid drinking

 Bootleg sneaker wearing
Guilty of not thinking
Children of my ancestor's hoping
Come back to your own