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                    How shall I MISS-JUDGE you -I'll let you count the ways

By the mote in your eyes, or the shape of your thighs

By your wiggling, jiggling hips or by the shape and size of your lips

By the super smooth flow of your rap,  Or by your hot, and tender trap

Could I misjudge you by the size of your buh, buh, butt?

Or by the sexy way you strut

By your cold blooded killa stare

Or by them "to-hip" clothes that you wear

By the many pseudonyms that you use

Or by them over-priced designer shoes

Will I misjudge you by what I think is real about ya

Or by what I think I feel about ya

By your cross, or star and crescent?

Or by your (knockoff) designer scent

By your religious/philosophical persuasion

Or by some party politically influenced equation

Can I misjudge you by the school that you attended

Or by the in-sane ideas, that you defended

By the country or place you say you come from

  Or by where you SAY you get your hair done

By your words, thoughts, or deeds

Or by your wants, haves, or needs

By miss-judging you, i know "YOU" not

I simply show you what's in MY  pot”(head)

So thanks to you for showing little ole me

How terribly screwed up

"MY MIND" can be