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Pimps  Imps & Wimps


Them pimps and dey imps be

Chompin on us like we a bowl of swimps

Player preachers blowin up like black blimps

While all we be doin is praisin the lard

All prayze is, doin what need be done

They be emptying out our pockets

Pimpin rappers be sockin

 it to our future Generals and revolutionaries

Polluting young Nubian minds so that

Only a few can see the signs

Misleadin by misreadin the past

Spittin out nuthin but trash

Turning out sheeps and creeps

Whats a Nubian in they right mind to do?

Gotta find out who is pimpin who

Imps pimpin pimps, wimps pimpin swimps


Forgetting bout the laws of Survival

Churches, mosque and temples in perpetual revival

Fightin Nature, bettin on “believing,”

 all of them decievin the masses

While reality passes

 way beyond the common  view

Better put on your “They Live,” glasses

No moor questioning anything?

Eatin media shit for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the winner is;

 Holywood, mtv, helliburtin and the dick of cheney

High crimes and treason

sacrificing reason

This must be the season, of faith and belief

We talking straightup pimpin now


Sellin your soul for bible crack

Quran or the Gita, you is  hooked on whack

Rapin the herd

 with so-called spokened word

A whole lot of dribble, mostly based on the bibble

Poetic wimps, cultural pimps

Blind leadin the blind

Mind games for the lame brained swimps

Who are there for the crimpin

BET jusa suckin and a simpin

Rappers hiphopmotizin

Mind destroying, mesmerizing

Its all about pimpin from yark to fraud

 Pimpin is hard

But somebody’s gonna do it


Everything I do

 Effects everything that’s done

Recognizing that We are “the One”

Mom and Pop, Daughter and Son

Face your mirror on the wall

Who is the greatest of them all?

The first commandment comes to mind

Ancestral wisdom is here to find

To your mirrored image

 profound and deep

Mind to mine these words You speak

“I Am the Lord thy God you seek

There is no Other God but Me”



Mental mirror, mental wall

Mental is the Nature of it All

Eyes on the prize, Master of disquises

Nubian Ninjaz must represent

Slayin all false gods they sent

Pimps and they imps will disappear

When Nubian minds are free and clear

Waging war where wars are really fought

Inside oneself, when truth is truly sought

As within so without, as above so below

Mastering vibrations, reapin what you chose to sow

Using words as your weapon

Slicing and dicing up the slimy pimps

Havin raised your Innerstanding

You can turn them into chimps

In your mind conceive the battle

With You as Hero not Jet Li

Lets put an end to all this pimpin

Create a Universal Nubian Victory


Created Friday, September 10, 2004


 The Jazzy GriotBrutha Eugene Johnson