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It’s a crucial thing when the Truth sets in and

The one you love needs a shot of gin

To relate to you (on a con-vo) tip

It’s a Fraudian slip, is she still on a trip

Checkin my motives out, is it all about

Trading Love for “lumps” I ain’t Forrest Gumps

But my heart’s on fire, she’s a habitual liar

So the jokes on me, as any fool can see


There’s a brother named Sam, a real hard “workin man”

At the Labor Pool, he’s in the image of “cool”

He gets paid every day and thinks that its shonuf ok

To go straight to his room, after pushin that broom and

Screw like a rabbit, Sam’s got a bad habit

No he don’t use drugs, Sam is addicted to lusty love

He’s a legend in his own sick mind

Both Sam and Love have got to be blind


Secrets scented with sunambulistic mood swings

Nicotine dreams, stained memories of Al Green

Croonin harmless songs in the key

Of “IM missin you girl”



We shared everything, including your lies and

Whatever lied beyond view

Inside your secret self, you never speak of

Drive by, or even glimpse at

In your thousand mirrored mind

Set in Gemini phases


Unreal memories reviewed

From below yesterdays stuff

Caught up in a network of whispers and

Grand mall head-trips within All

Stalled between Vibration and Paradox

Reluctantly aware of the ever changing

Mindscapes, brakes on, screeching

Slowing, knowing and gathering thought crops

Over ripe wishes starting to gain on me

Headin upstream, asskickin currents, annoyin choices

To make or be broken

Thrown against the past, Knocked unconscious

With and by future fantasies

Pain is the name of this game

By degrees it flows

Walks in and out, by degrees

Bittersweet tasteless thoughts

Flickering along broken lines

Levels of communication sweep clean


The hope of life


canvassed and framed

Inner tears, layer the terrain

Projected perceptions, reflective miracles

Miraculously made

“belief” the medium who

Knows not for sure how this

Karma drama will end


Act one, scene one


Orbiting the environment

Tiny like a zelas, once again gainin

Through the remaining stained

One sided recollections

(smog forecasted)

Show must go on, sadistic scribes

Scripted in this heaven and hell stuff

Also Sun Sets and Rises and


 IM tryin to Be Whole

While learnin to live

Within these  unresolved