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12 steps and the matrix of Recovery.

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Differences Between
Butter And Margarine

Killing Us Gently

The Crass Vigilance of The Soft Drink Molochs and Their Slow Throttling of the American Public for Loaves and Fishes

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Sobriety and Recovery Resources
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Online AA Recovery Resources


17 year old meth addict watch

Joseph Chapman, former addict and founder of
the "Recovery for the New Millennium" program

( - According to William H. James and Stephen L. Johnson, "Crack cocaine use by African Americans grew so dramatically that most African American communities were in their second decade of a crack cocaine epidemic in the 1990s. Increased crime, prostitution, and gang violence has resulted in a "War on Drugs," which has more often appeared to be a war on addicts. Thousands of African American men remain in prison for drug charges that in the white community may have resulted in no more than a fine, probation, or community service."

There is no doubt that more tax dollars need to be spent on rehabilitation programs, housing, education and job placement for substance abusers, the homeless and ex-offenders in the African American Community, but who is going to take that responsibility? There should be comprehensive services to reach them and let them know that there is a better way for them to live and that the nation founded on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness has not forgotten them. There needs to be addiction treatment and job training, education (mental, psychological and emotional) and some form of housing assistance so that recidivism and crime rates can be diminished. The end result will be a stronger community for all Americans.

William H. James and Stephen L. Johnson go on to say, "The ability of African American communities to confront this crack cocaine epidemic will determine the character of African American urban life well into the next century. Traditional alcohol and other drug treatment programs have been unable to stop the wave of addiction that has engulfed the African American community. A coalition of the strongest resources in these communities, including families, churches, schools, and community agencies, is urgently needed to address such widespread drug use."

To aid in this fight, Joseph Chapman of Columbus, OH (a former addict in recovery for more than 13 years) has developed in conjunction with a non-profit corporation an Afro centric recovery program called "Recovery for the New Millennium." Mr. Chapman states "'Recovery for the New Millennium' goes beyond the traditional 12 step approach and looks at the vestiges of deep seated inferiority complexes and how African American addicts are also simultaneously facing poverty, slave mentalities, poor education and a lack of marketable job skills."

According to Joseph Chapman, "The truth is that people do recover from various life damaging circumstances and they have wonderful stories that can shed light and inspiration to millions of people. The fact that people do recover from active addiction, crime, poverty, and a lack of education is a powerfully healing message. In the African American community where substance dependence, poverty, and a lack of education is such a blight up on the societal landscape, we need a message of healing."

1. , retrieved 2006-04-10 by Joseph Chapman

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BET has lowdown
on the down low

'We need to hold men accountable,' says Terry McMillan (below) on 'Down Low Exposed.' Above, a scene in the special.
More than a year after Oprah Winfrey brought wide attention to the idea of married, supposedly straight, black men sleeping with other men, cable's BET is exploring the subject in more detail.

BET Executive Vice President Nina Henderson Moore said producers brought the concept of "The Down Low Exposed" to the network several months ago.

"We loved their style and approach," Moore said about the special, which airs tomorrow night at 10. "We wanted to make sure they would be able to bring something that took the discussion one step further. You want to be careful about a subject that was talked about so much."

And the subject was certainly talked about.

Winfrey brought the subject of married men who secretly sleep with men to the mainstream in April 2004 when she featured author J.L. King on her show. King, who is an executive producer on the BET special, wrote "On the Down Low: A Journey Into the Lives of 'Straight' Black Men Who Sleep With Men."

Moore said the BET special takes the discussion beyond merely the shock aspects of the subject.

"We do take a step back into it, the 'Oh my gosh, there's this down low thing," Moore said. "But we also try to understand what it looks like, what it feels like. It is a bit of an exposť. There is a whole subculture going on here."

The show premieres tomorrow and will air again Friday at 10 p.m. Because of the TV-MA rating, BET programmers want to make sure it airs late enough in the night to limit youngsters watching.

To explain the topic, producers talk to King, to filmmaker Bill Duke and to author Terry McMillan, whose husband later revealed he was on the down low.

McMillan, who also slammed her husband in an interview with Winfrey, called the men who carry on these secret lives "cowards." She also says the interview is her last on the subject of her husband, Jonathan Plummer.

"I think what you [BET] are doing should be applauded, because I think more than anything there are women out there that are victims," McMillan said. "And I think we need to hold men accountable for their actions."

Moore wants the special to keep people talking about the subject.

"I hope that it continues to get people to recognize there's a lifestyle out here," she said. "I hope it gets women, and men, frankly to be more empowered and confident to make sure they are not at risk, and really that they're communicating with the partners they're intimate with.

"It's important we spur the conversation," she added, "and that we get people to continue to talk. It has to be there. It's not like this stuff is going away."

Originally published on March 27, 2006

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