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Peace this is sent as
                                    a courtesy of 
The Shrine of Ma'at International.  The intent is to awakening,
enlighten, share, & activate.   Please feel free to distribute far and
"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." - Edmond Burke
Several people have e-mailed me requesting more information
 about the significance of October 17th, 2005, and also what
 exactly is the "October Surprised" about that is being 
                                    on the low in powerful political circles. 
 Now October 17th, 2005,
                                    is the date when the new bankruptcy
 laws go into effect, and also the
                                    little know fact that will
change the U.S.'s bankruptcy Status from a 
Chapter 11 Reorganization to a Chapter 7 Liquidation.
                                    foreign creditors that own most U.S. citizen's bonded 
birth certificate
                                    security, will now be able to come in and 
liquidate all of their tangible
                                    & intangible assets.  Yes, 
including the people
                                    aka U.S. citizen, because based on 
unrevealed non disclosed adhesion contracts
                                    they will be 
held as surety for their Strawman.  The people fall
                                    under the 
category of intangible assets and thus have the "privilege"
 work off their personal debt & the national debt (see # 11) in
one of the up and running National Concentration Camps 
located through out the country.   (see # 12).  All that's missing
is another 9-11/national emergency.  If your watching
                                    the news
 I'm sure you see how they are mentally preparing the people 
to accept the Al-Qaedaians as this months new demon terrorist.
 What a perfect excuse to take away whatever residual rights 
left from 9-11.  It is advised to keep Chicago US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald
in your prayers he seems to be one of the few people
                                    that has 
the guts to try and bring these tyrants to justice.
                                      (see # 15)

Based on the numerous requests I decide to send my
response to everyone on my e-mail list.   Although it may seem
 complicated at first, it's really quite simple. 
These links will cover the basics, so you may overstand the
impending chaos, which is consciously being orchestrated 
                                    us.   See for your self.  The creator has given us all 
FREE WILL.  The choice is yours to believe or disbelieve.  
Let your consciences be your guide.  Yes it is overstood, 
that under these heavily laden circumstances denial is an 
acceptable form
                                    of coping.   Although not useful, but it is 
                                    and acceptable. 

1) The U.S. is not a country: its a corporation.
3) Your birth certificate was used as a tool to enslave you.  Also you marriage certificate, legally considered a corporate merger.
4) Your birth certificate is the tool that turned you into a Strawman.
5) The Two United States and the Law.
6) 15 historical facts that you thought you understood.
10) The Bankruptcy of the United States.
11) Bankruptcy and U.S. NATIONAL DEBT CLOCK.  (Note the day of 9-11 is when the debt surpassed the legally sustainable amount, thus the quick entrance into the unnecessary war.
12) Yes American Concentration camps are real, ready, & waiting.
13) Is there $ to be made by putting people in concentration camps, prisons, & jails?
14) Bare in the mind the US Supreme Court just ruled on eminent domain........the ruling states in a nutshell that your property can be taken for the greater public good.
15) Do you trust these guys to determine what is the greater public good for you? 
<> 16) Was the PROOF in our
                                    face the whole time via the Martial Law FLAG, the flag of admiralty, indicated by the gold fringes around the edge of the
                                    flag.  The same flag that flies in all our schools, all our banks, all our libraries, all of our courts,
                                    and all government buildings.  Have we been asleep at the wheel?  
17) Perception vs. Reality.  
18) Did the Government secretly move the water line back to place every one under a maritime admiralty martial law jurisdiction?
20) What can I do?  Are their any steps to take toward freedom?  (See attachment also)  
21) "The Truth as I see it."
     This is a revised/upgraded document

That offers a different perspective on   the CONCEPT: “THE Ancestors”  

"ANCESTORS" INDICATE the Ultimate Reality".

"TO REALIZE THAT"  is to be "IT", and that is within the capacity of all beings, as beings. The most that can be done by a human is to be conscious

as it. Being conscious of   The Ancestors  will at once make that one conscious of every kind of unit and thing

in and beyond the Universe, and at the same time he will be conscious of the relation of each thing to every other thing.

Because The Ancestors are present in and are the same in every unit and thing everywhere and throughout time and space. When

one is conscious of The Ancestors he/she therefore must be and is conscious of everything in which The Ancestors are. This

statement can easily be said and more easily read, but it will not be easily comprehended. It will take much reading about

the units and about The Ancestors before it is understood. But this assertion will be verified when one is conscious of The

Ancestors. A human being can be conscious of The Ancestors. When he knows The Ancestors, he will be far beyond the human.

Being conscious of The Ancestors makes one conscious of everything as it is, separately, altogether, and at once; and by being

so conscious he can learn to know anything. He does this by thinking, and thinking ends in the knowledge of that of which

he thinks. No one can do this for another; each must do it for himself. The point in this is that being conscious of The Ancestors

makes one conscious of each and every thing;  but, to know any single thing, one must take that thing as a subject and

think on that until he knows it. Before he knows that thing, he is merely conscious of it. Every unit of nature is conscious,

but it is not conscious that it is conscious. It is conscious of or as its function, but of nothing else. It is not conscious

of any other unit or of what any other unit does. It is conscious of or as the function it performs, and of nothing else.

The human being is conscious, conscious of his acts, of other things, and of his acts in relation to other things. Does he

know any of the people or the things he sees? No! He does not know. He is only conscious of them as they appear to be; he

is not conscious of them as they really are. Does he know himself? No! He does not know himself. He does not know who or what

he is. He is merely conscious of an identity or of a self, which he calls “I”, or “self.” But he does

not know that self or I. Well then, what does a human being really know? A human being only knows the one unchangeable, indisputable

fact that he is conscious. He knows nothing else, really, in this entire world. People and things change, from what they appear

to be, and appear to be someone, or something else; and he knows not what anyone or anything actually is. The only thing that

he knows is: that he is conscious. Is being conscious the only thing that one can know? No indeed. There is no limit to what

one may know except the limit, which he himself sets. What must one do to know more than that he is conscious? To know more,

he must think. He can progress in knowledge in no other way than by thinking. How can one think, so that he will know more

than that he is conscious? He must, by thinking, first realize that he is conscious, is the only thing he knows. That should

be the point on and from which he thinks. As soon as he knows that, he knows that he will know that he is conscious that he

is conscious. This is not a play with words. When one arrives at knowledge—and he can arrive by no other way than thinking—when

he knows that the only knowledge that he has is that he is conscious and is conscious that he is conscious, then he is surely

and safely on the road on which he can think further  into knowledge and even beyond. He may so think that he can become

conscious of The Ancestors. As soon as you, by thinking, know that you know no more than that you are conscious that you are

conscious, continue to think of it until it becomes a reality for you.

  When it has become

a reality, then, as compared with it, things of the senses become illusions. You can prove this: the reality that you are

conscious that you are conscious remains the same reality, whether your eyes are open or closed. But close your eyes and the

objects of today or yesterday are as dreams; they exist only as memories, or they fade away. Their appearance of reality depended

upon your being conscious of them and of your thinking into them, which keeps up their appearance of reality. Being conscious

of them also depended on your sight, which makes the contact between you and them. When sight is cut off, by the closing of

your eyes, they fade, so far as you are concerned, because memories and dreams fade. But you, who are conscious, remain; and

you know that you are conscious that you are conscious. That is your reality. Who, or what, is this you? Who, or what, is

it that knows that it is conscious that it is conscious? Ah! — You do not know the who, or the what. Why is it that

you do not know? Because that is as far as you have gone in thinking on the road to knowledge. That is all you really know.

Why have you not gone further? Because when you reach that point, you must begin to come into the knowledge of yourself as

the eternal self; or you must turn back through the senses into the sensing of nature. And you turn back by again thinking

yourself into nature. When the human reaches this point he invariably turns back. Why? Because he will not let go of the senses

and their objects. He wants to take the senses with him when he tries to think his way into knowledge of the eternal self.

But there is no place for the senses if he thinks of knowledge, so he does not go on. Could he go on if he let go of the senses?

Certainly, but only on condition that as he ceases to think about them, he still persists in thinking, else he goes to sleep.

How can he cease to think about the senses, and how should he think about the eternal self? He ceases to think about the senses

when he thinks about the eternal self only. The senses have no hold on him except while he is conscious of them, and he remains

conscious of them by thinking about their objects. As soon as he is thinking of the eternal self and of the eternal self only,

the senses and their objects drop off. When the senses are switched off and he still thinks, he is then conscious of and as

the eternal Self,( Ancestors) And he continues to become conscious in higher and higher degrees in being conscious and in

the knowledge of what he himself is as the

  Eternal Self, aka: ANCESTORS.

To know that you know that you are conscious of being conscious is the one clear spot of knowledge in the wilderness of ignorance.

From this knowledge you may think your way into the knowledge of your Eternal Self, aka: ANCESTORS or from this knowledge

you may, without letting go of nature, think of becoming conscious of The Ancestors. What shall you do to become conscious

of The Ancestors? Do not try to conceive and create a thought about Them. That cannot be done, because a thought is conceived

by the bonding of a desire to an impression of an object of nature, which comes into the body through the senses. A thought

cannot be conceived without an impression from nature. Ancestors are present in and through every part of nature, but have

no parts, makes no impressions and no impressions can be had or taken from it. But the presence of The Ancestors is here and

there and everywhere. It is with you. If The Ancestors were not in and with you and in and through you, you could not think;

you could not be conscious of anything. Therefore, if the Ancestors are with you, you do not have to think of Them as being

anywhere else. You can see and hear and taste and smell and feel and desire and think and be and know, because of Their Presence,

and because of the Presence of the Ancestors,  you are able to represent Us ALL...Consciously......Ninja-Style



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